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Night Guard Lab

Welcome To Night Guard Lab

 Introducing Night Guard Lab, Making Custom Handmade Night Guards.

If you suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding, Night Guard Lab is a proven dental lab that fabricates custom, handmade Night Guards for treating teeth clenching and grinding (Bruxism). It works by covering the teeth and guards against teeth grinding while sleeping. The Night Guard covers the teeth so that they do not come into contact during the night and grind together, causing painful and costly damage to the teeth.

Our dental lab direct process allows our clients to make their teeth impressions at home and receive dentist quality Night Guards. Night Guards have a 97% success rate and is the key to protecting the teeth. The Night Guard can eliminate any future need for dental surgery, fillings, or partials. Our Direct Process is designed to replace the need for a dentist visit and save you 70%.

Our Lab Process will provide you a set of Custom fitted Night Guards from only $54.99 for a Soft Night Guard to $99.99 for a Dual Laminate Night Guard. Our Dual Laminate Night Guard is our most requested Night Guard. Take a few minutes to decide which laminate choice is right for you. Nothing has been proven to help you stop teeth grinding (bruxism) better. We guarantee it 100% and offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!


•  Morning Headaches
•  Jaw Muscle Pain
•  Broken Teeth
•  Tooth Aches
•  Worn Teeth
•  Tooth Loss
•  Ear Aches